NSF Grant 1208153: Assistive Robotics for Grasping and Manipulation using Novel Brain Computer Interfaces

Peter Allen, Joel Stein*, Sanjay Joshi** PI's
Department of Computer Science
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine*
Columbia University
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, University of California, Davis**
This is a collaborative proposal (with UC Davis) which is aimed at making concrete some of the major goals of Assistive Robotics. A team of experts has been brought together from the fields of signal processing and control (PI Sanjay Joshi), robotic grasping (PI Peter Allen), and rehabilitative medicine (PI Joel Stein) to create a field-deployable assistive robotic system that will allow severely disabled patients to control a robot arm/hand system to perform complex grasping and manipulation tasks using novel Brain Muscle Computer Interfaces (BMCI). Further, the intent of this effort is not just technology-driven, but is also driven by clear and necessary clinical needs, and will be evaluated on how well it meets these clinical requirements. Validation will be performed at the Department of Regenerative and Rehabilitation Medicine at Columbia University on a diverse set of disabled users who will provide important feedback on the technology being developed, and this feedback will be used to iterate on the system design and implementation.
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