Organization Name of software Contact Type Description
8x8 IntraSwitch (temporary) Frederic Artru User agent (client/server), redirect server, registrar 8x8's IntraSwitch server is a 100% Java iPBX supporting JTAPI 1.3, MGCP and SIP.
  • CTI SDK supporting JTAPI 1.3 with 4 MGCP endpoints. This SDK supports calls in SIP between any two endpoints by dialing 9 followed by another extension. The SDK is free of charge with an endpoint simulator.
  • An iPBX evaluation system that supports SIP for interfacing with a SIP gateway (we also provide our own in this system usign NMS cards). This system can be ordered directly from 8x8.
  • A service provider solution that has full SIP support. This is exclusively for service providers willing to deploy our solution.

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