Centrifuser 1.x Licensing Information

Print out a copy of the agreement form, have the proper authority sign it, then fax the agreement form to our legal department at Columbia Innovation Enterprises. Please include your return fax number so that they can return the fully executed agreement to you when it has been processed.

You can print out a copy of this cover sheet to use as your fax cover sheet.

                Laura Furst
                Columbia University Computer Science Dept.
                Natural Language Processing Group
                1214 Amsterdam Avenue 
                450 CSB, Mail code 0401
                New York, NY 10027
                Tel: ++1 212-939-7180
                Fax: ++1 212-666-0140

Your name: ___________________________________________

Your email address: __________________________________

Your fax number: _____________________________________

Institution/Company Name: ____________________________

Last modified: Mon Nov 14 2005