Participate in the CS@CU Resume Book


We will be putting together a CS department resume book this semester to further assist you with your job search. A resume book is a tool that allows job seekers to circulate their resume to various employers. By including your resume in the resume book, you will be giving the CS department permission to share your resume with employers on your behalf. Interested employers can then contact you directly about job openings or interviews.

How to Participate in the Resume Book

Step 1) Create a draft of your resume. If you need some hints, visit our resume tips page.

Step 2) Make an appointment for a resume review session with Ivy Elkins.

Step 3) After you have met with Ivy Elkins, update your resume with any edits that you discussed and send the new version to Ivy as a PDF. In your e-mail, include your full name, UNI, track, and the types of jobs you are interested in right now (full-time, part-time, internship). Important note: please only send this e-mail if you want to be included in the resume book. By sending this e-mail, you are permitting the CS department to share your resume with employers on your behalf.