About the Samples
A collection of 61 real-world is surfaces used in the measurements. The samples were chosen to span a wide range of geometric and photometric properties. The categories include specular surfaces (aluminum foil, artificial grass), diffuse surfaces (plaster, concrete), isotropic surfaces (cork, leather, styrofoam), anisotropic surfaces (straw, corduroy, corn husk), surfaces with large height variations (crumpled paper, terrycloth, pebbles), surfaces with small height variations (sandpaper, quarry tile, brick), pastel surfaces (paper, cotton), colored surfaces (velvet, rug), natural surfaces (moss, lettuce, fur) and man-made surfaces (sponge, terrycloth, velvet). Different samples of the same type of surfaces are denoted by letters, e.g. Brick_a and Brick_b. Samples 29, 30, 31 and 32 are close-up views of samples 2, 11, 12 and 14, respectively.
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1-Felt 2-Polyester 3-Terrycloth 4-Rough Plastic 5-Leather 6-Sandpaper 7-Velvet
8-Pebbles 9-Frosted Glass 10-Plaster_a 11-Plaster_b 12-Rough Paper 13-Artificial Grass 14-Roof Shingle
15-Aluminum Foil 16-Cork 17-Rough Tile 18-Rug_a 19-Rug_b 20-Styrofoam 21-Sponge
22-Lambswool 23-Lettuce Leaf 24-Rabbit Fur 25-Quarry Tile 26-Loofa 27-Insulation 28-Crumpled Paper
29-(2 zoomed) 30-(11 zoomed) 31-(12 zoomed) 32-(14 zoomed) 33-Slate_a 34-Slate_b 35-Painted Spheres
36-Limestone 37-Brick_a 38-Ribbed Paper 39-Human Skin 40-Straw 41-Brick_b 42-Corduroy
43-Salt Crystals 44-Linen 45-Concrete_a 46-Cotton 47-Stones 48-Brown Bread 49-Concrete_b
50-Concrete_c 51-Corn Husk 52-White Bread 53-Soleirolia Plant 54-Wood_a 55-Orange Peel 56-Wood_b
57-Peacock Feather 58-Tree Bark 59-Cracker_a 60-Cracker_b 61-Moss