BRDF Measurement Database

For each of the 61 samples measured, the BRDF was measured by recording images of the sample under 205 different combinations of viewing and illumination directions. The recorded images were radiometrically calibrated to get radiance and BRDF from pixel values. A table is provided which gives the illumination and viewing direction associated with the 205 measurements.

The ascii file abrdf.dat gives the measurements in the following format

1 meas1 meas2 . . . meas205
2 meas1 meas2 . . . meas205
61 meas1 meas2 . . . meas205
where the first number in each row is the sample number (1-61) and the subsequent numbers are the 205 BRDF measurements for that particular sample averaged over red, green, and blue. Similarly, rbrdf.dat , gbrdf.dat and bbrdf.dat give the red, green and blue brdf measurements, respectively, in an analogous format.

Rendered spheres, obtained using the measured radiance values, are useful for viewing the measurement results.

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