Rain visibility and camera parameters: The red curve shows the dependence of rain visibility on camera parameters as obtained by our analytic model of rain. The white marks shows the mean values of the measured visibility and the error bars show the uncertainty in measurement. (a) Rain visibility as a function of exposure time T. The exposure time was varied from 8ms to 125ms while other camera parameters were kept constant. The experiments verify the 1/sqrt(T) dependence on exposure time. (b) The visibility dependence on aperture size (F-number). The F-number was increased from 1.8 to 8. Other camera parameters were fixed. (c) Dependence of visibility on distance of the focal plane z0. The focal plane was kept at different distances from the camera from z0 = 4m to z0 = 40m. Visibility of rain is maximum when camera is focused at distance close to the hyperfocal plane and decreases for large and very close distances. In all the above cases the experimental values show close agreement with the values predicted by our models.