JavaGrades - Student Grades Website and Personalized Email Generator

This class parses a comma-separated spreadsheet (.CSV) representing a set of grades (typically created with Microsoft Excell) and creates one file for each student with the relevant information. The files can then be put on the class webpage and accessed by students who presumably know the URL of their file.


java Grades grades-file.csv

Installing and using

I've written everything in a single file Compile it as usual with the command
Then to create the entire grades website and send out emails to all the students (if this is what you specify in the grades file) with the command
java Grades gradefile.csv
assuming that you have well defined grades file (see the next section). You'll probably want to add a bit of java-script to your website to allow students to enter login and password instead of just remembing their URL directly. Supposing you have the following directory structure at your website:
     +--- index.html
     +--- syllabus.html and other top level pages
     +--- grades/   ( creates this directory)
        +--- index.html ( creates dummy file to obscure the directory listing 
        |                even when you forget the proper chmod'ing -but don't forget!!!!)
        +--- student1_password1.html
        +--- student2_password2.html
        +--- etc.
Then you'll need to modify your top level index.html (inside URL_PATH_TO_YOUR_SITE) with the following JavaScript:

The Grades File

To see how a grades file should look like, download
I use Excel to generate the the comma seperated valued file, but any spreadsheet program which converts to CSV in a standard fashion should work as well.

Grade file specification

If you modify the above template in obvious ways, you will probably produce a file that adheres to the requirements of JavaGrades and that will be processed correctly. If you are doing something more complicated, you should read the following rules and adhere to them:

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