Project Presentation Grading Rubric

If you’re not very far along in your project yet, don’t panic! The presentation is about explaining your ideas clearly and concisely. If you don’t yet have results to show, simply explaining what you’re planning to do and why is 100% OK.

  1. Motivate and define the problem: 20%
    • What new thing will we be able to or understand do if you succeed?
  2. Briefly mention related work: 20%
    • You can leave this till the end, if you like.
  3. Explain at least one the main ideas of your project clearly: 20%
    • It’s enjoyable and a good use of time to listen to presentations if they also educate the audience.
  4. Show a draft of main figure: 10%
    • Or show some sort of visual representation of the main idea.
  5. Explain planned experiments or show results: 20%
    • Try to explain what we might learn from these experiments.
  6. Finish under time (15 minutes): 10%
    • I will cut you off at 15 minutes sharp!