Price and Charge Formulation in RNAP-D

In the RNAP-D (distributed) architecture, each router-LRN maintains charging state information for the flows passing through it, based on prices computed at the router. At the beginning of a negotiation period (and also in response to a Query message), the last hop LRN originates a Quotation message. The Quotation message is sent hop-by-hop back towards the first-hop LRN. At each LRN, the Price:New Price fields in the message are incremented according to the current New Price computed for the corresponding service at the LRN. When the Quotation message arrives at the negotiating HRN, it carries the total quoted price for each service.

Similarly, Commit messages originate at the last-hop LRN, and are sent hop-by-hop back to the first-hop LRN. In this case, the New Price, Current Charge, and Accumulated Charge fields are all incremented at each router-LRN on the way.

Xin Wang