Thank you for visiting my Web site.

I finished my Ph.D in computer science at Columbia University in May 2008, and am currently at Google-NYC. My resume is available here. My general area of focus includes databases, information retrieval, and faceted search. I am also very excited to finally be learning more about financial engineering, using real data and getting a proper mathematical education.

Before starting at Columbia, I was a senior programmer at Dalet Digital Media Systems, where I started working as an undergraduate. In those days, I studied mathematics and computer science at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel.

I am a LISPer and love Emacs. The gorillaz, both the animal and the band, are fascinating. To stay updated, a person must visit the brilliant reddit Web site frequently. Finally, along with many other engineers, I had the great pleasure of launching and building a large scale content managment system for XM Satellite Radio, which is now part of SIRIUS Satellite Radio.


Forgot to mention, I am very exitected about my brother-in-law's new company Green Farm Technology for consulting on state-of-the-art sustainable farming and managing farming projects all over the world.