List of External Awards

  1. ICDM'08 Contest Crown Award
  2. ICDM'06 Best Paper Award (application category)
  3. KDD'97 Runner-up Best Paper Award (application category)

ICDM'08 Contest Crown Award

Team member: Wei Fan, Erheng Zhong, Sihong Xie, Yuzhao Huang, Kun Zhang, Jing Peng, and Jiangtao Ren

More informtion on the contest can be found at ICDM'08 Contest

Our team's submission is based on Random Decision Tree (Fan et al, 2003). The powerpoint presentation of the team's methods can be found here here. In addition, the software and data used for the submission can be downloaded here.

ICDM'06 Best Paper Award

Kun Zhang, Wei Fan, Xiaojing Yuan, Ian Davidson, and Xiangshang Li, "Forecasting Skewed Stochastic Biased Ozone Days: Analyses and Solutions" , 2006 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'2006), December 2006. Best Paper Award: Application Category . Presentation Powerpoint (lots of animations).

         An extended journal version of this paper comparing RDT (random decision trees) with SVM, AdaBoosting and a number of other popular learning algorithms for this streaming problem can be found here. The ozone dataset is available for research use by sending a request to either Dr. Kun Zhang ( or Wei Fan ( We will provide you with a secured download link. The source code of Random Decision Tree, as used in this study, is available from here.

Information on ICDM awards can be found here.

KDD'97 Runner-up Best Paper Award

[1997]   Salvatore J. Stolfo, Andreas Prodromidis, Shelley Tselepis, Wenke Lee, Wei Fan, and Philip Chan, "JAM - Java Agents of Meta-learning over Distributed Networks" Proceeding of Third International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD-97), pp.74 - 81, Newport Beach, California, August 1997. Runner-up best application paper . The JAM Project is a featured article in Trusted Information Systems Magazine, March, 1998