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Call for Papers


IEEE Network


Special Issue on


Wireless Local Area Networking: QoS provision & Resource Management


Guest Editors

Prof. Christos Douligeris

Department of Informatics

University of Piraeus

80, Karaoli & Dimitriou St.

GR - 185 34, Piraeus, Greece


Dr. Dimitrios D. Vergados

Department of Information and Communication

Systems Engineering

University of the Aegean

GR - 832 00, Karlovassi, Samos, Greece



Next generation wireless networks are evolving to accommodate a variety of services and traffic types, including data transfer, voice, video and multimedia streaming, while allowing a user to roam within the service area of the network, or between networks without disrupting the quality of service (QoS) provided. Current wireless local area networks can provide only best-effort QoS with limited capabilities regarding mobility. Future wireless access networks must be able to guarantee predefined levels of QoS allowing the services mentioned above to be supported. Furthermore, the QoS parameters should not be exceeded during intra WLAN and WLAN – cellular handoff.

Providing QoS sufficient to support these applications over a WLAN can be a challenging task. WLANs often allow a variable number of users with heterogeneous QoS requirements to share a common radio channel, usually with limited access control, making packet delivery fluctuant and unpredictable. WLAN MAC protocols must be extended to support prioritization and bandwidth reservation in order to enable guaranteed QoS provisioning to users of wireless services. Also, user mobility, as it has been manifested in extensive studies in cellular networks, introduces a new set of QoS parameters which must be considered when designing a local area network.

Wireless Local Area Networks cover single-hop or multi-hop communications which can provide various network services within a limited service area. Research and deployment of these networks has been very rapid in the past few years, leading to the development of a number of wireless local area network technologies, like 802.11 (Wi-Fi), 802.15.3 and HiperLAN. Even though these technologies can provide high speed (broadband) wireless access to IP networks, they have significant limitations, which must be overcome for allowing seamless, scalable and stable QoS for wireless mobile users.

The goal of the special issue in IEEE Network Magazine is to publish original research and review articles which should be comprehensive to all readers, regardless of their specialty. This special issue will cover comprehensively architectures, algorithms and technologies for quality of service (QoS) and resource management in wireless local area networks (WLANs). In particular we are interested in tutorial, survey and original research articles on, but not limited to the following topics:

* QoS support in WLANs

* QoS provisioning, management and capacity optimization in WLANs.

* WLAN performance evaluation studies

* Layer 2 mobility management/support in WLANs

* Consistent QoS across WLAN and 3G handover

* Power control and management for energy-efficient WLANs

* Service differentiation in WLANs

* QoS and security in WLANs

* QoS accounting & billing for WLAN hotspots.

Manuscript Submission

Interested authors should submit an electronic version of the manuscript, in PDF format, as an email attachment to both guest editors. Additional information including “Guidelines for authors” is available at the IEEE Network Website:


Important Dates

Submission Deadline: 

October 15, 2004

Acceptance Notification: 

March 1,  2005

Final Manuscripts Due: 

April 15 2005

Publication of Special Issue:

July/August 2005