AP Hackathon

Join us for another great hackathon on Oct. 7th!

Homework, made fun.

The 3157 Hackathon is an optional hackathon intended for students and alumni of the W3157. Students from W3136 will be there, too!

Food? ✓ Swag? ✓

As well as awesome people, we'll also have snacks and drinks to keep you fueled all night, 3157 swag, and swag from our sponsors!

No experience necessary.

This hackathon isn't just for homework, it's also an open learning environment. Whether you're a hackathon veteran or a first-timer, stop by.


Hackathon! On Friday, October 7th, from 7:30pm to 2am, students will be working on a major assignment: lab3. Alumni and TAs will be around to help, too.

​There is no demo, there is no judging, and there is no prize. Just a night of hacking, good food, laughter, and friendship. Feel good about asking for help and helping others. No showing off and no embarrassment. We are very proud that for Columbia CS students new to hackathons, their first experience is one of cooperation and friendship, not of competition.


OK, but who's coming?

Current students

Show up to get work done on your labs, to get help, or to help your classmates.

Former students

Come and help out current students (while also hacking on your own projects)!


Hang out, eat free food, talk, listen, learn, laugh, and sleep.

I have questions.

  • Do I have to go?

    Attendance is not required. It's completely optional. It's totally understandable if you have better things to do Friday night than geeking out all night.

  • Do I have to stay all night?

    If you come, you don't have to stay all night. You're free to come and go as you please.

  • What should I bring?

    In addition to a good attitude, please bring a charged laptop, its charger, and your CUID.

  • Can I work with others?

    During the hackathon, we will have a very loose collaboration policy. You can look at your classmates' code to learn or to help. You can sit down with someone else and try things together. All we ask is for you to make a genuine effort to learn or to help. You should list the people you have collaborated with in your README.

  • I want to collaborate. How?

    Additionally, if you wish to set up a Github repo for yourself and your partner, the repo must be private. GitHub offers free private repositories (and a bunch of other goodies!) to students, but it takes a week or two to process, so make sure to sign up before the hackathon.

  • Got anything else for me?

    The hackathon would also be a great opportunity for you to learn from your savvy TAs and classmates about some of the extra stuff that will enrich your shell experience—nifty vim, emacs, .bashrc, and VirtualBox configurations, useful debugging tools and techniques, handy UNIX hacks, etc.

Ok, I'm in.

Glad to hear it. RSVP here, then we'll see you there!

A storied tradition

At our Spring 2016 Hackathon we again packed 300+ hackers into Roone Arledge Auditorium. New sponsors for swag and food (and pancakes) made it one of the best nights yet! Check out photos here.

Every year we get bigger and better

At our Fall 2015 Hackathon we had a record attendance with 300+ hackers working in our new venue, the Roone Arledge Auditorium. Along with new digs came upgrades in food, swag, and educational info sessions on coding practice. Check out photos here.

This isn't your first rodeo, is it?

Not even close. In Spring 2015, we packed over 230(!) current and former 3157 students in John Jay. So many we've outgrown the space. You can see more photos of the Spring 2015 hackathon here.

In Fall 2014 we had over 200 current and former 3157 students hacking in John Jay.

In Spring 2014 we had over 160 current and former 3157 students hacking in John Jay.

In Fall 2013 we had over 100 current and former 3157 students hacking in Carleton Lounge.

This event is made possible by the generous financial support of our sponsors:

We also thank all the companies who provided swag for the event: