4825 Tentative Lecture Topics for 04s (not necessarily in this order)

Overall aspects of design, illustrated with a simple example (candy

Implementing the candy machine with a pulse-mode circuit using T-FF's
Design of a T-FF using an asynchronous type flow table.

Brief discussion of hazards in connection with the T-FF.

Algorithmic State Machine method  use multiplier as example
Linear sequential circuits, with applications to 
   error detection: CRC (cyclic redundancy check)
   error correction
   error rate detection)
Hamming Code, burst correcting codes
VHDL design language
Simulators, timing analysis
Clocking schemes
Flow table reduction (incompletely specified)
Tree form iterative ckts
Fast adders (FCLA, refined FCLA, completion signals, speculative
Storage elements: toggle FF, ETDFF, DETDFF, dynamic
Fault testing--scan method, built-in-test
Systems with some degree of fault immunity
Dynamic logic (domino, zipper)
CAD for comb logic design, physical design
Self-timed systems, hand shaking, c-element, Petri nets, self-timed