News (05/25/2023) Invited talk at Forum Numerica Seminar of the Universite Cote d'Azur's Academy of Excellence ``Networks, Information and Digital society'' on Human-centric Natural Language Processing for Social Good and Responsible Computing .

News (04/20/2023) Invited Talk, Computer Science Seminar, Barnard College on Human-centric Natural Language Processing for Social Good and Responsible Computing .

News (02/03/2023) Invited talk at the NIST TAC Workshop Panel on ``Understanding the Nature of Accurate vs.Inaccurate and Authentic vs. Potentially Inauthentic News/Discourse''.

News (10/13/2022) Invited Talk at Rice University's CS Colloquim on The Role of Text Generation for Responsible Computing

News (2022) I am serving as ACL 2022 Program Co-Chair. ACL 2022 will be in Dublin, Ireland, May 22-27, 2022 as a hybrid conference.

News (January, 2020) Honored to be selected as board member of the North American Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL) 2020-2021.

News (December, 2019) Excited to join the Amazon Scholars Program.

News (November, 2019) Part of a panel to introduce and discuss the HEALing Community Study , a major NIH-sponsored initiative to reduce fatalities from opioid overdoses across New York State.

News (November, 2019) Co-organized and Co-chaired the first New York Academy of Sciences' Annual Symposium on NLP/Dialog/Speech .

New (April, 2019) Received a grant funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to spearhead an ambitious multi-year effort to reduce opioid overdose deaths in New York State. The HEALing Communities stuy in New York State is led by Professor Nabila El-Bassel at the School of Social Work. My group will focus on using natural language processing techniques to study the language and context of social interactions in online discussions. Social media presents a unique opportunity to study the opioid crisis at the population level using data-driven methods.

News (September, 2018) Just received an NSF EAGER award in collaboration with Becky Passonneau at Penn State to develop an Automated Instruction Assistant for Argumentative Essays

News (July, 2018) Our paper on grounding comparative adjectives in the color space, by my student Olivia Winn, has won one of the best short paper awards at ACL 2018.

News (June, 2018). In collaboration with Prof. Lydia Liu and Postdoc Isabelle Zaugg we have been awarded a Collaboratory Fellows Fund grant to develop an interdisciplinary course on "Multilingual Language Technologies and Language Diversity" to be cross-listed between the Department of Computer Science and the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS). The course will first be offered in the 2019-2020 academic year.