Steven Feiner, Blaine Bell, Hrvoje Benko, Gabor Blasko, Sinem Güven, Drexel Hallaway, Tobias Hoellerer and Simon Lok.

Mobile Augmented Reality Systems

Living with the Genie: Governing Scientific and Technological Transformation in the 21st Century,

New York, NY, March 5-7, 2002.

Steven Feiner, Blaine Bell, Sinem Güven, Drexel Hallaway, Tobias Hoellerer, Simon Lok, Alex Olwal, John Tang, Navdeep Tinna and Ryuji Yamamoto.

Mobile Augmented Reality Systems

IEEE and ACM ISAR 2001 (International Symposium on Augmented Reality),

New York, NY, October 29-30, 2001.

Steven Feiner, Blaine Bell, Elias Gagas, Sinem Güven, Drexel Hallaway, Tobias Hoellerer, Simon Lok, Navdeep Tinna, Ryuji Yamamoto, Simon Julier, Yohan Baillot, Dennis Brown, M. Lanzagorta, Andreas Butz, Eric Foxlin, M. Harrington, L. Naimark and D. Wormell.

Mobile Augmented Reality Systems, Emerging Technologies [pdf][video]

Proc. SIGGRAPH Conference Abstracts and Applications,

Los Angeles, CA, August 12-17, 2001, 129.

Steven Feiner, Tobias Hoellerer, Elias Gasas, Drexel Hallaway, Tachio Terauchi, Sinem Güven and Gus Rashid.

Mobile Augmented Reality Systems [pdf]

Intel Computing Continuum Conference,

San Francisco, CA, March 15-17, 2000.