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20081031-0370 Nina Reading at ARS 20081031-0376 Justice Robbie and Kyle 20081031-0377 Kyle and Mrs Metzl 20081031-0395 ARS Halloween Parade 20081031-0401 Kyle and Tombstones

20081031-0410 Kyle and Mr Rennat 20081031-0412 Kyle and Spooky House 20081031-0416 Spooky House Halloween 20081031-0423 Kyle as Batman 20081031-0427 Kyle and Stephen

20081031-0428 Kyle and Look Out 20081031-0430 Kyle as Batman 20081207 Xmas Photo 20081214-0501 Kyle and Lunar Lander (NA&S) 20081214-0505 Kyle with Saturn V model (NA&S)

20081214-0514 Kyle with Viking Lander (NA&S) 20081214-0520 Kyle with Lunar Lander (NA&S) 20081219-0532 Kyle and Snow 20081219-0535 Kyle and his Snowman 20081219-0543 Kyle and Snow

20081219-0556 Kyle Kissing Nina at 20 weeks 20081219-0583 Nina at 20 weeks Kindergarten10 Kindergarten6 Kyle Pumpkin

Kyle Pumpkin1 Kyle Pumpkin2 Kyle Xmas Tree Kyle in ARS Kyle in Uniform

Thanksgiving Lunch1 Thanksgiving Lunch2 Train1 Train2 Train3


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