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  The ESUIF System
  ESUIF is a compiler for the synchronous language Esterel built on the SUIF 2 system from Stanford. It is intended to be a freely-distributed platform for research on Esterel and related synchronous languages.

The compiler consists of a frontend created with ANTLR that builds an AST-like high-level intermediate form stored using the SUIF 2 system. Dismantlers transform this high-level intermediate form into a lower-level representation closer to C. Eventually, one or more back ends will transform this into executable C.

ESUIF is written in C++ and has been built under Linux and Solaris. It may run on other platforms, but is limited to those on which SUIF 2 builds.

  Download The 0.2 release. Surely buggy, but has a complete parser and most of the front end. Missing a linker, and a back end.
  Download The 0.1 release. Surely buggy, but has a complete parser and most of the front end. Missing a linker, statement dismantlers, and a back end.
 Required Software
  Download basesuif-2.2.0-4.tar.gz : The base SUIF 2 package. ESUIF is built on this.
  Download antlr-2.7.1-tar.gz : The ANTLR system. ESUIF uses this to build its parser. (Note: this may not work. You may have to go to the main ANTLR site and register.
 Related Sites
  Homepage ESUIF is built on the SUIF 2 system, a compiler construction kit built as part of the NSF and DARPA-funded National Compiler Infrastructure project. It is written in C++.
  Homepage ANTLR is a parser generator written in Java that can generate Java, C++, and Sather code. It is used to parse Esterel.
  Homepage ANTLR needs Java to run (but esuif does not).
  Homepage The main Esterel web site. The original compiler by Berry et al., papers, and documentation can be found here
  Homepage The ECL project is a compiler for ECL, a language that embeds Esterel functionalities in C.

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