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ENGI E1102
Art of Engineering
Lab for Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Fall 2015


We meet Thursdays 1:10 - 3:55 1220B Mudd (Botwinick Lab).


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Prof. Stephen A. Edwards
Gabrielle A. Taylor


In this project, you will write new firmware for an HP 20b calculator. This is an example of embedded programming: coding software for something that does not, and should not, appear to be a computer in the traditional sense, yet is one at its core. The plummeting cost of integrated circuits has made such embedded systems ubiquitous, and this trend promises to continue. The challenges of designing such systems run the gamut from traditional electrical issues such as sensor noise and power consumption all the way to high-level computer science problems such as efficient algorithm design to human factors engineering. You will experience all of these, and learn some standard solutions, while performing this project.


Title Notes
A Shotgun Introduction to C pdf
Parsing pdf


Title Instructions Files
1: Getting Started: Hello World pdf pdf
2: Listening to the Keyboard pdf pdf
3: Entering and Displaying Numbers pdf pdf
4: An RPN Calculator pdf pdf


Here is a pdf report template and the .zip file source files to build it.
pdfFormatting Information: A Beginner's Introduction to Typesetting with LaTeX
pdfThe Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e


Name Report Presentation


pdfWindows Command Prompt Cheatsheet
pdf Installing a C development environment on a virtual machine
pdf HP 20b schematics
HP's HP 20b Developer Kit
AT91SAM7L128 Datasheet (The chip)
ARM7TDMI technical reference manual (the processor on the chip)
A simulator for the HP-35 RPN calculator
HP 35 User Manual


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