CSW 4701: Artificial Intelligence

Homework Grading Policy


Homework should be turned in during class on the day it is due or electronically following the instructions from the TA's. You will need to hand in the source code for the project, relevant

documentation, and a script of a test run of your program to show that it actually works.


Your assignments will be graded according to the following General criteria unless otherwise specifically changed for a particular assignment:


Correctness 75%

Design/Structure 15%

Documentation 5%

Efficiency 5%


We will usually provide a test suite with each assignment. You will need to run your program on the test suite, and hand in a log of the output. The test script will help us determine the correctness of your program.


The documentation will help us assess the structure, design, and efficiency of your program. Documentation need not be encyclopedic, but should succinctly describe the structure and design of your program. Normally, a page or so will suffice. Of course, we expect to see comments in the source code as well.


Late Policy


If a project is incomplete on its due date and is handed in after its due date, 10 points are immediately deducted, and 2 additional point per day is deducted for each day late. No project will be accepted for grading at the due date for the next project.


Academic Honest Policy


The Department of Computer Science has approved a new "Academic Honesty Policy" that you should read and understand. We shall follow the guidelines of that policy in a disciplined manner.

Click here to see the departmentís webpage. Please read it fully.


As a personal word of advise, please do not copy any one else's work and misrepresent it as your own, ever.