Cloud and Mobile Security

Cloud and Mobile Security Seminar -- Spring 2013

Location: MATHEMATICS 203
Time: Mondays 4:10-6:00pm
Credits: 3 units

TA: Yu Qiao (yq2145)
Office Hours: Mon 6-8pm, Tues 1:30-3:30pm
Address: TA room (MUDD 122A)

Instructor: Roxana Geambasu
Office Hours: Tues 4-5pm
Address: 461 CSB, 4th floor MUDD

Staff Contact: Please contact either the instructor or the TA.
Discussions: through Piazza

Course Overview

This systems seminar course explores a wide variety of challenges and opportunities raised by modern technology, such as cloud computing and mobile devices. These technologies, despite enormous advantages, are causing users and enterprises alike to lose control over various aspects of their data. For example, who really owns data uploaded to Facebook, how does a user control accesses to her data on a stolen mobile device, and how can an enterprise enforce uniform security and privacy policies when its data is stored in the cloud and on its employees' mobile devices?

In this course, we will focus on these and other data security, privacy, and management challenges and review techniques to address them. The course will involve readings and discussion of papers on recent developments in cloud and mobile computing research. A course project is required. The course will develop understanding of cloud and mobile computing as well as project management, research methodology, and technical presentation and writing skills.


COMS W3137 Data Structures and Algorithms, COMS W3157 Advanced Programming (or good working knowledge of C and C++), and COMS W3827 Fundamentals of Computer Systems. W4118 Operating Systems 1 is not required, but a big plus for your success in the project.

The other requirement is that students be able to send and receive email, access, access the class web page, and download and print pdf files from the class web page.


The grading formula is:

Please see our policies regarding late turnins and collaboration rules.

Textbooks and Resources

There will be two papers to read for each class. You will have to read both of them before the class and be prepared to discuss each. You will also have to submit one review for each paper prior to the class.

Other useful resources:


The course's structure and Website are inspired by Jason Nieh's course on Topics in Mobile Computing.