21st century journalism
modern journalism: "usually the way it works is people become reporters before they prostitute themselves" (Jeff Gannon)
(used without permission from the new york times).

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"Es que la vida es un poco ridícula, si uno la mira con cuidado no
es tan seria, ni heroica como mucha gente piensa. Creo que Dios
se debe estar burlando de nosotros. La gente que se toma
la vida demasiado en serio termina con ataques cardiacos o se
vuelven locos. Uno tiene que poner las cosas en perspectiva"
John Leguizamo - Interview in El Tiempo


Ricardo A. Baratto ( ricardo at cs dot columbia dot edu )
My resume (PDF) (Ascii) -- My gpg public key
Office: 503 Computer Science Building
Phone: [office: 1.212.939.7051] [lab: 1.212.939.7038] [fax: 1.212.666.0140]
Mail: Columbia University [] Dept of Computer Science [] 1214 Amsterdam Ave MC0401 [] New York, NY 10027 [] USA

que cosas

My name: Ricardo Andrés Baratto Callejas (I am a Geek of NCL) (I have been UPC'ed) (a short bio)
I have been a PhD student in Computer Science at Columbia University in New York, since what's officially referred to as "Fall of 2001".
I don't take classes anymore.
I don't TA anymore.
I do research on Remote Display and Thin Clients at the Network Computing Lab. My advisor is Prof. Jason Nieh.
I am interested in ubiquitous and pervasive computing, with special love for remote display techonlogies, user mobility and multimedia applications.
I also have platonic relationships with 3D graphics and computer security.
THINC currently takes most of my time. It is a new remote display architecture. It allows us to try out and play with all the nifty ideas we have for the future of desktops.
You can read our publications: DejaView (SOSP 2007), Net2Display (ADEAC 2006), pTHINC (WWW 2006), THINC (SOSP 2005), Remotely Keyed Cryptographics (ICICS 05), MobiDesk (MobiCom 2004) (Best Student Paper award!) [presentations] (more here...)
We are also on the news! (tho they called us Think :'( )
I was born in Puerto Rico.
I grew up in Colombia, in cities like Cali, Ibagué, Bogotá, and Bucaramanga.
I graduated from the Fundación Colegio UIS in Bucaramanga.
I have a BS in Computer Science from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras.
I have worked at various random places like University of Kentucky, Argonne National Lab, MIT, HPCf UPR, FHG Fokus (in beautiful Berlin), and VMware .

I am a member of Usenix Association, Electronic Frontier Foundation, ACM, American Civil Liverties Union.

I just completed 2500 work units for seti@home.

Check out the new york subway on google maps (which doesn't suck because it's not my version).

I bet you're looking for our wiki

And of course you'll want to meet nicolás. He cool.


i forget. but Cortázar had an idea:
En algún lugar debe haber un basural donde están amontonadas las explicaciones. Una sola cosa inquieta en este justo panorama: lo que pueda ocurrir el día en que alguien consiga explicar también el basural. -- Un tal Lucas (1979)


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germen omarl (antes) osguald phungo sergios stelios william

checks it out

Independent Media Center. ZNet [in spanish]. news from colombia: Indymedia Colombia. El Tiempo. El Espectador. El Colombiano. Colombia Post - World News Network. Google News Colombia.

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how to appease the Demo Gods.

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