Notes for Masters Students

I am NO LONGER the advisor for Masters students who choose the NLP track.  Instead, please contact Julia Hirschberg.


Here are some notes from the 2003-2004 year.  They have not been updated.


What You Need to Do Before Seeing Me

  1. Go here and click on "Natural Language Processing" in the first column. It explains the track.
  2. Then, on the same page, click on "Form". Print out two copies. On one copy, fill in the column. You can check availability of courses for Fall 2003 as well Summer 2003 (as an example as what was offered in that semester -- no guarantee that the same courses will be offered Summer 2004) here. Courses for Spring 2003 can be found here. Again, no guarantee that the same courses will be offered Spring 2004.
  3. Go onto MICE and schedule an appointment with me this Thursday Sep 11 (click on "Schedule/List and Sign Up"). If you cannot make it on the 11th, email me. I will be out of town Sep 15 - Sep 26, though reachable by email. If the slots are inconvenient or full, just show up at 4pm for the meeting for all graduate students and then come to the meeting for NLP students that starts at 5pm (breakout session). We will squeeze you in as needed.
  4. Bring both forms (empty and filled in) when you see me.

Some Comments

This is a list of comments to help you understand the requirements.
  1. You can opt out of courses in areas 1 and 2 of the form. To do this, you must have the professor teaching that course certify that you have taken equivalent courses. Use this form and hand it to Twinkle Edwards. If you are allowed to opt out of a course in 1 or 2, you can instead choose any courses you want, including non-CS courses.
  2. If you cannot opt out of any course, you must take these courses: 4 from (1) including AI, the two courses in (2) and three from (3). Since one of these must be 6000-level CS courses, you must choose either "Advanced Machine Learning" or an independent study (COMS-E6901). if you choose the machine learning course, you also need to take the introductory machine learning course, since it is a prerequisite. So in that case you would choose one more course from (3) and one from (4). If you choose the independent study, you choose two more courses from (3) (I highly recommend the intro machine learning course in any case, though) and one from (4). Either way, you have very few choices.
  3. You should not assume that any particular courses will be offered Summer 2004. If you want to take one or two credits during Summer 2004, they should be independent study credits.
Check back here soon for more and updated info!

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