NIST TAC Belief and Sentiment (BeSt) Track

Data Sets

  • Participants can obtain data from LDC after they finish registration, the available data sets are listed in the evaluation license.
  • The relevant data sets are as follows:
    1. Core data (this is what the test data looks like):

      LDC2016E27 DEFT English Belief and Sentiment Annotation

      More data to be release for English, as well as for Chinese and Spanish in July.

      Note that this release includes the gold ERE annotation. The predicted ERE for the BeSt corpora will also be released in July or August.

    2. Predicted ERE files from RPI with help from UIUC and Stanford (thanks!) can be found here.

    3. Background data (can be used by evaluation participants but is not in the output format required for the evaluation and/or does not include annotations of the content which is being evaluated):

      LDC2009T23 FactBank 1.0
      LDC2014E55 DEFT Committed Belief Annotation R1
      LDC2014E106 DEFT Committed Belief Annotation R2
      LDC2014E125 DEFT Committed Belief Annotation Self-Evaluation Package
      LDC2015E85 DEFT Chinese Committed Belief Sample Annotation
      LDC2015E99 DEFT Chinese Committed Belief Annotation
      LDC2015E109 DEFT Spanish Committed Belief Sample Annotation