Research Interests

Statistical genetics
Machine Learning
Cognitive Robotics

Pier Francesco Palamara

Short Bio

I obtained my "laurea di Primo Livello" and "Laurea Specialistica" (B.S. and M.S. degrees) from Rome's Sapienza University, and a M.S. degree from Columbia University (Dec. 2009). Until then, the focus of my studies/research was on artificial intelligence, cognitive robotics and machine learning.

I defended my Ph.D. thesis "Population genetics of identity-by-descent" at Columbia University in October 2013. My Ph.D. advisor was Itsik Pe'er, and I mainly worked on computational models for population genetics. While in grad school I spent a few months as a research intern at Microsoft Research (eScience group, LA) and IBM Research (T.J. Watson, NY).

I am currently at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, working on statistical genetics problems as a post-doctoral research fellow in Alkes Price's group.


See my list of publications, or Google Scholar profile.


  • DoRIS - a Java software tool for demographic inference based on shared IBD haplotypes (see this paper).

  • GENOME-IBD - a modified GENOME coalescent simulator that outputs ground truth IBD segments. Also, this tool outputs IBD segments from Newick trees computed using FastSimCoal. Similar tools for other simulators (MS, Macs) are available upon request.


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