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PROFILE SUMMARY: Mechanical engineer · Cross disciplines in electrical engineering, applied mathematics and programming. Specialization in quantitative analysis, design, stochastic systems and modeling · Consulting experience from owning and running an Internet-based company in computerized home automation, robotics and sensors · Programming experience in C/C++ and additional languages on PC and Unix operating systems.


Columbia University New York City, New York, USA
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, October 1999
M.Phil. in Mechanical Engineering, May 1995
   · Graduate Research Assistantship from Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering Departments, 1993-1999
   · National Science Foundation Travel Scholarship, 1998
Seoul National University Seoul, Korea
M.Sc. in Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, February 1992
   · Canada Governorís Fellowship, 1989-1992
   · Daewoo Heavy Industries (Korea) Research Fellowship, 1990-1992
McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with Honors (minors in Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering), May 1989
   ·  McConnell Engineering Teaching Assistant Award, 1986-1989


Bell Atlantic Science and Technology, White Plains, NY USA, 1998-1999
C/C++ Software Developer: Programmed on Unix platform an automated telecommunications network planning system.
Artificial intelligence based team project forecasts commercial and residential phone line needs in New York and 
New England areas and plans network connections.  Implemented measurement algorithms for estimating potential savings 
costs to Bell Atlantic due to automation. 

Central International Law Firm, Seoul Korea, 1992-1993
Engineering Consultant: Reviewed patent applications submitted by US and European companies filing intellectual 
property in Korea for the firmís mechanical and electronic devices department. Consulted for patent lawyers in 
engineering validity of claims and the correct Korean and English technical terminology.

Hyundai Motor Co., and Korean Institute of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea, Summer 1992
Research Engineer: Designed and developed a control system for automatic car-wheel rim deburring work cell.  
Project was funded by Hyundai Motor Company and Samsung Electronics.  Programmed industrial robot with path planning 
and force/torque feedback.

Daewoo Heavy Industries and Korean Agency of Defense Development, Seoul, Korea, 1990-1992
Research Engineer: Designed and developed a ship motion simulator control system with electromechanical hydraulic 
and pneumatic servo valves.  Built electronic circuits and PC hardware interface cards.  Programmed the graphical user interface.

CAE Electronics Ltd., Montreal, Canada, Summer 1989
Design & Software Engineer: Programmed and debugged software for both flight and nuclear  power plant simulators.

Oerlikon Aerospace, Montreal, Canada, Summer 1988
Summer Intern: Wrote technical report on force/torque tolerances and quality control.  Cooperated with subcontractors 
in design of the laser-guided surface-to-air missile ground vehicle.


Columbia University Mechanical Engineering, 1996-1999
Graduate Student Representative: Initiated graduate socials and seminars by cooperating with deans and networking across departments.
Korean Canadian Youth Federation, 1986-1989
National Chairman: Led a 5000 member national organization with interests in cultural awareness, social justice and long-term goals.

Sigma Chi Fraternity, McGill Gamma Lambda Chapter, 1989
Initiation Coordinator: Motivated, educated and nurtured candidates into membership of a national fraternity.


Native English speaker · Proficiency in French and Korean · Summer course in Japanese · Both Canadian and American citizenships

Mailing Address:
Columbia University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
500 W120th St, Room 220 Mudd Building
New York, NY 10027

Phone Numbers:
Office: 212-939-7090
Lab:    212-939-7104
Fax:    212-854-3304


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