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Funded Research Freelance Consulting

Some of my consulting services have included product development, C/C++, Visual Basic, DOS programming and teaching for the following client companies:

Manostat Corporation, Bell Atlantic Science and Technology, Hyundai Motor Company, CAL Internet Service Provider

Business Clients

I launched Boondog Automation, my Internet-based company in late 1997. Boondog provides PC Interfacing solutions for applications in control, sensors, robotics, data acquisition and both home and general automation. Boondog's client list includes individuals, private companies, small-to-large businesses and over 30 universities and research labs.

My consulting philosophies are simple. Listen to the client, build relationships by investing in good will. When designing a Boondog product, I strive for open architecture. You can read some client testimonies

Some consulting projects derived from Boondog include:


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