ENGI 1006 Intro to Computing for Engineers and Applied Scientists

Summer 2021

Course info

This course will be a practical introduction to the field of computer science, focusing on applied programming for engineering disciplines. We will cover the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms and the python language. There will be a programming assignment every week, applying what we have covered in class to the fields of physics, statistics, electrical engineering, biology, and selected other topics (case studies).

Supplementary materials



Note that the following schedule is tentative. It will be updated as we go.

# Date Topic Assignments
1 T 5/4 Course Overview, History, Binary
2 R 5/6 Programs, Pseudocode HW1, skeleton code, HW1 Solutions
3 T 5/11 Python 1, Code for Python 1, HW walkthrough
4 R 5/13 Continued HW1 Due Sunday May 16 by 11:55pm
5 T 5/18 Algorithms, Code for Algorithms, HW walkthrough HW2, skeleton code, HW2 Solutions
6 R 5/20 Python 2, Code for Python 2 HW2 Due Sunday May 23 by 11:55pm
7 T 5/25 Languages, Simulations, Files for Simulations HW3, skeleton code
8 R 5/27 Recursion, Files for Recursion, Scientific Computing, Files for Scientific Computing
9 T 6/1 Review HW3 Due Tuesday June 1 by 11:55pm
10 R 6/3 Object Oriented Programming, Files for Object Oriented Programming
11 T 6/8 Cont’d, HW Walkthrough HW4, skeleton code
12 R 6/10 Pandas, Code for Pandas, Scikit Learn, Code for Scikit Learn HW4 Due Sunday June 13 by 11:55pm
13 T 6/15 Cont’d, HW Walkthrough HW5, skeleton code
14 R 6/17 Topics HW5 Due Sunday June 20 by 11:55pm