Before entering grad school I was an avid gamer. Now that my thesis is near, I am coming back to myself.

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Penny Arcade! A Common Misconception

My favorite games include Civilization, in particular FreeCiv. After having it in the "freezer" for several years, I got to finish Riven short time ago. That game renders me speechless (!). From the old games, I also enjoyed X-COM UFO Defense very much. Interestingly enough, I have done a good deal of FPS as well; I'm currently playing Clive Barker's Undying.

Aside from computer games, I have enjoyed pen-and-paper role playing games.

Here at Columbia, Bernie Yee and David Sturmann are teaching a Video Game Design and Technology class. I took that class Spring 2003 (my team's page is still available) and I was the teaching assistant for Fall 2003.


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