Fall'16 Reading Group on Data-Structure Lower Bounds

Welcome to the DS-LB reading group webpage! This page contains information about past and
future meetings of the group.

Time: Weds, 9:45am - 11:15am (talks start 10:00am, bagels and coffee from 9:45).
Location: DSI conference room (Room 417), Columbia University.
Organizer: Omri Weinstein (omri@cs.columbia.edu) .
Mission: The purpose of this research-oriented reading group is to survey some of the main
results and techniques for proving data-structure lower bounds in the "Cell-Probe" model.

Meeting Details Recommended Reading Speaker Description
Wed, Sep. 21st, 9:45am A (somewhat outdated) survey by P.B.Miltersen
Omri Tutorial: introduction to the cell-probe model and static lower bounds
Wed, Sep. 28th, 9:45am "On Data Structures and Asymmetric Communication Complexity" [MNSW'98]

"Higher Lower Bounds for Near-Neighbor and Further Rich Problems." [PT'08]

Omri Asymmetric Communication Complexity, the Richness method, and applications to Partial Sums and Near-Neighbor (ANN) problems
Mon Oct 3rd , 9:45 (Note time change due to Avi's bday @ IAS) "Efficient Search for Approximate Nearest Neighbor in High Dimensional Spaces." [Kushilevitz-Ostrovsky-Rabani'98, Kol-Rabani'00]

Omri Direct-Sum for Richness, and applications to deterministic ANN LBs. A polynomial-space, 1-probe DS for randomized ANN (via LSH).
Wed Oct 12th (No meeting (Yom Kippur))
Wed Oct 19th , 9:45 "On the optimality of the dimensionality reduction method." [AIP'06]

"Unifying the Landscape of Cell-Probe Lower Bounds." [Pat'10]
Clement Lopsided Set-Disjointness (LSD) + (tight) space-time lower bound for randomized ANN via reduction to LSD.
Wed Oct 26th , 9:45 "Lower Bounds on Near Neighbor Search via Metric Expansion." [Pat'10]

"Higher Cell Probe Lower Bounds for Evaluating Polynomials." [Lar'12]

Erik The Cell-Sampling technique and a smooth time-space deterministic lower bound for ANN via metric expansion. (Time permitting: generalization to the randomized case).
Wed Nov 2nd , 9:45 "New Unconditional Hardness Results for Dynamic and Online Problems." [Clifford-Gronlund-Larsen '15]

"Faster Online Matrix-Vector Multiplication." [Larsen-Williams '16]

Tim More applications of the Cell-Sampling technique, this time to the (static) Matrix-Vector multiplication problem (MVP). A nontrivial n^{7/4}-time, linear-space upper bound for MVP.
Wed Nov 9th , 9:45 "The Cell-Probe Complexity of Succinct Data-Structures." [Gal-Miltersen'03]

"Succincter." [Patrascu'08]

Adam Succinct data structures: Dictionaries, Memberships and Partial-Sums.
Wed Nov 16th , 9:45 "Cell-Probe Lower Bounds for Succinct Partial Sums." [Patrascu-Viola'09]

Omri A tight static lower bound for succinct Partial-Sums, matching the upper bound from last lecture. This is the first new technique we will see beyond communication complexity and cell-sampling.
Wed Nov 30th , 9:45 "Distance Oracles for Sparse Graphs" [Sommer-Verbin-Wu'09]

George Static Datastructure LB for approximating distances in (undirected) graphs (aka, Distance Oracles).