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For your final project, you need to pose a question, design a framework in which to answer the question, conduct the research, and write up your experience and results. Based on your first homework assignment related to HypSec, you are encouraged but not required to use HypSec or KVM to pursue a follow-on project for your final project rather than starting something entirely new. You are encouraged to form teams for the final project. There will be three deliverables for this project which will count toward your final project grade: a project proposal and research plan, an in-class presentation, and a final report.
  1. Project proposal and research plan due 3/15
    Your project proposal should clearly state the goals of your project and the research question you are investigating. Describe why you think the project you are proposing is interesting and important. Your research plan should include (1) related work that shows you have enough background in the area to know that you are not simply reproducing someone else's work, (2) hypotheses about the conclusions you expect to draw from the work, and (3) experimental setup which describes what experiments you plan to conduct and how you plan to do your measurements. Your project should be doable on either the CloudLab hardware that you have been using thus far or other hardware that you already have available.
  2. Project presentations on 4/12
    Each group will give a presentation on their project in class. Presentations should be 15-20 minutes, with about 5 minutes for questions afterwards.
  3. Final report due 4/14
    The final report is a research paper. Reports should be roughly 10-15 pages in length, including graphs, diagrams, and citations. Report format should be double column, single space, 10 pt font, and 1 inch margins. You should complete the writing early enough that you have time to reread your work and critique it with the same rigor that you applied in reviewing other papers for the course. There should be a complete description of experimental results with all support measurements and data. You should be honest and state shortcomings in your work. You should discuss future work and possible follow-on projects.