Developing an Electronic Curriculum for Medicine and Dentistry at Columbia

Pat Molholt
Assistant Vice President and Associate Dean
Scholarly Resources 
Columbia University Health Sciences


During an extensive re-working of the curriculum by the medical school in 1992-1996, it became apparent that there were many ways to improve the delivery of education. Among them was provide access to the vast array of images and vocabulary that make up much of the first two years of the curriculum. Information technology was an ideal tool with which to do that but technology was only half of the answer. Building a knowledge base to use as the foundation of navigation through the curriculum was the other part.

This talk will give a brief history of the objectives of the CHIPS (Columbia Health Information PerspectiveS) project and where it stands today, a discussion of some of the educational, technical, and intellectual challenges that continue to face us. There will also be a demonstration of several parts of the curriculum that are being used by students today.

Luis Gravano