Michele MErler


Ciao! This is my old page from my time at Columbia University. You can find more current information at my current page.

I am Resarcher Staff Memmer at IBM TJ Watson, working in the Multimedia group (my company webpage is here). In 2012 I finished my PhD in the department of Computer Science at Columbia University, advised by Professor John Kender.  I like working on multimedia processing, video analysis, indexing and retrieval, computer vision and pattern recognition.

Before coming to NYC I graduated with a BS and MS in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Trento in Italy in 2004 and 2007. In 2005/06 I also spent a year at the University of California San Diego as an exchange student.

Office : 624 CEPSR


Office Phone: 212-939-7071



mmerler AT cs DOT Columbia DOT edu