Michael Collins (home)

Current PhD Students

  • Yin-Wen Chang
  • Avner May
  • Alexander Rush
  • Andrei Simion
  • Karl Stratos
  • Current Postdocs

    Former Group Members

  • Terry Koo (PhD at MIT)
  • Natasha Singh (PhD at MIT)
  • Luke Zettlemoyer (PhD at MIT, Co-advised with Leslie Kaelbling)
  • Ariadna Quattoni (PhD at MIT, Co-advised with Trevor Darrell)
  • Brooke Cowan (PhD/postdoc at MIT)
  • Xavier Carreras (Postdoc at MIT)
  • Shay Cohen (Postdoc at Columbia)
  • Jenny Finkel (Postdoc at MIT/Columbia)
  • Philipp Koehn (Postdoc at MIT)
  • Jason Katz-Brown (MEng)
  • Percy Liang (MEng)
  • Michael Lieberman (MEng)
  • Ali Mohammad (MS)
  • Dan Wheeler (MEng)