Yan Liu  

  Ph.D student of Department of Computer Science at Columbia University.

  Advisor: Prof. John R Kender

  Contact me: liuyan@cs.columbia.edu, 1-212-939-7121(O)

  For more information: See my Resume.

Research Interest: Multimedia Understanding, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Data mining.

Current research: Video analysis, Feature selection, data Classification. The easiest way to get to know about my research is to take a look at my PhD thesis proposal ( Slides, Abstract, PDF). Detail can be found in my Publications ( Item 1 ~ 6 ).

Research in Intel (Summer Intern 2003): Lip animation, Data clustering, Human interactive learning. I got SPA (Special Recognition Award) for my contribution of Visual Language Tutor Project.

Research in HKUST: Video transmission under limited bandwidth, Semantic video indexing and retrieval. I got best paper award in IASTED International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications 2000. Detail can be found in my Publications ( Item 7 ~ 15 ).

Research in Nanjing University: User intent analysis, Business information mining. I received my  Master of Philosophy with honor from Business School of Nanjing University. Detail can be found in my Publications ( Item 16 ~ 22 ).             

I received my Bachelor degree from Department of Electrical Engineering of Southease University.