Computer Science 3101-03:
Homework submission instructions

If you are in the class, you should have received this information by e-mail on the class mailing list. If you did not, please e-mail to have him add you.

The instruction will be separate for students working on-campus and for CVS students. Please read and follow the section that applies to you.

On-campus students (from cunix):

Change directory into the directory where you have all your files. This is important - all the files you want submitted MUST be in that directory or subdirectories of it. For example, if you were working in ~/cs3101-01/hw1, then you need to type

	cd ~/cs3101-01/hw1

Obviously, this will be different if you were working in a different directory.

Once you are in the desired directory, type "ls" to make sure all the files you want submitted are there, then type

	/opt/ACISsubmit/bin/submit ib42

This will ask you for confirmation, and then submit the contents of that directory. You should get an email with the results of the submission within a few minutes.

Off-campus (CVN) students :

If you are working on cunix remotely, or you know how to transfer your files to your cunix account, than just use the instructions above.

Otherwise, please send all the java files you created for this homework to (via email, of course). Please use some meaningful subject line for your message, such as "Submission for CS3101-01", and also make sure your full name appears in the body of the message. In fact, the best way to do it is to have a brief comment at the beginning of your java files containing your name and email address.

Thanks for your patience and good luck!