This is Kevin Lerman's Transitional Homepage

Sometime soon I might even make a real one. Meanwhile, my email address is (my username, which you can tell from this page's URL)

I work in the NLP group at Columbia University. My advisor is Kathy McKeown, and I also work with Owen Rambow.


Kevin Lerman, Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, Ryan McDonald. Sentiment Summarization: Evaluating and Learning User Preferences. To appear in EACL 2009.

Kevin Lerman, Ari Gilder, Mark Dredze, Fernando Pereira. Reading the Markets: Forecasting Public Opinion of Political Candidates by News Analysis. Conference on Computational Linguistics (Coling) 2008.

Kevin Lerman, Owen Rambow. Is Coordination Quantification? The Ninth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Formalisms (TAG+9), 2008.

Ryan McDonald, Kevin Lerman, Fernando Pereira. Multilingual Dependency Analysis with a Two-Stage Discriminative Parser. Tenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL-X), 2006.

Yang Jin, Ryan McDonald, Kevin Lerman, Mark Mandel, Mark Liberman, Fernando Pereira, R. Scott Winters, Peter White. Identifying and extracting malignancy types in cancer literature. BMC Bioinformatics 2006.

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