CS4999 Computing and the Humanities Spring 1998

Guidelines for submitting homeworks

All homeworks should be submitted in two parts:

Everything has to be submitted before class starts on the day the homework is due. Paper copies can be submitted in class just before class begins. All non-submitted or late-submitted work will be subject to grading penalties.

Electronic submission

Step-by-step instructions

You should submit your programs as follows:

After a short time you will get an automatic acknowledgement of your submission.

If you submit once, and then decide to submit again, then your second submission overwrites the first. All the files from your first submission will automatically be wiped out.

Remember: "submit cs4999" must appear in the subject line! If you do not include the correct subject, you will not get an instant acknowledgement and we will not be able to process your submission. On some systems, the Mail command does not accept the -s switch for specifying the subject. In that case, you should redirect the output of uuencode into a file and then use your favorite mail programs as follows:

$ tar cvf - . | compress | uuencode any.name.you.like > temp/some.file

After that you could email the contents of /tmp/some.file with the correct subject "submit cs4999".


Assuming your files are in the directory cs4999/hw1, the above five steps can be executed as follows(make sure tar, compress etc. are in the PATH):

$ cd cs4999/hw1
$ tar cvf - . | compress | uuencode any.name.you.like | Mail -s "submit cs4999" sable@cs.columbia.edu

Of course, you can also execute the steps one by one if you have problems with the one line version, but if you decide to do this, you need to be careful that you are providing each command with the correct input.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The above commands are case sensitive, and spacing is very important. The first part of the command, for example, is "tar" followed by a space followed by "cvf" followed by a space followed by "-" followed by a space followed by a "."! Also, any.name.you.like is not entirely accurate! This should NOT be replaced with the name of a file you are submitting! It can be a nonsense word. The mail subject must be exactly "submit cs4999" which triggers an automatic response on my end that will decode your message. Your mail message should not contain any attachments if you follow the instructions correctly. Finally, if you are sending a message dealing with submission, or for some reason need to submit with another method, do NOT title you message "submit cs4999", since this will trigger the automatic response on my end and erase any files (if any) that you previously submitted.

Paper Form

The paper copy for programming assignment should include:

Papers should use double-space format.

Please notice that your submission will not be complete without a paper copy.