Abhinav Kamra

The Essential W's

Who:See above
What:PhD student, Computer Science
Where:Columbia University, New York City
When:Still at it Done! I know its hard to believe :-)
Why:See here

Contact Info

Office:463 CSB, Mudd Building


Research Interests:
  • Network Coding and Applications in Sensor Networks
  • Performance Modeling and Algorithms for Communication Networks
  • Research Group:Distributed Network Analysis Lab
    Advisors:Vishal Misra and Dan Rubenstein
    Recent Publications: (All publications)
  • CountTorrent: Ubiquitous Access to Query Aggregates in Dynamic and Mobile Sensor Networks
    ACM SenSys, Sydney, Australia, November 2007 [pdf]
  • Growth Codes: Maximizing Sensor Network Data Persistence
    ACM SIGCOMM, Pisa, Italy, September 2006 [pdf]
  • A recent research CV ishere


    Instructor:Operating Systems
  • Summer 05
  • Spring 05
  • Summer 04
  • Teaching Assistant:Programming and Problem Solving
  • Fall 04
  • Fall 03
  • Teaching Awards:
  • Computer Science Teaching Excellence Award, 2005
  • SEAS Outstanding TA Award, Fall 04
  • SEAS Outstanding TA Award, Fall 03
  • Life, the Universe and Everything

    Food for the body:Squash
    Food for the mind:Reading
    Food for the soul:Music
    Food for the spirit:Travelling