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Gail E. Kaiser is a Professor of Computer Science and the Director of the Programming Systems Laboratory (PSL) in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. Prof. Kaiser's research area is software engineering, currently focusing primarily on static and dynamic program analysis techniques towards improving developer productivity, software reliability and computer security. She is also interested in collaborative work technologies and "gameful" approaches to teaching computer science. Her lab has been funded by NSF, NIH, DARPA, ONR, NASA, NYS Science & Technology Foundation, and numerous companies. Prof. Kaiser served on the editorial board of IEEE Internet Computing for many years, was a founding associate editor of ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, chaired the program committee for the third ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering, and served a term as Vice Chair of ACM SIGPLAN. Prof. Kaiser received her PhD from CMU and her ScB from MIT. See her CV at

I am seeking new PhD students, MS and undergraduate thesis students, and MS/undergraduate project students interested in program analysis, with background in either systems - JVM or Linux kernel (muplay) or machine learning (saber). See my lab website for further information.


Prof. Kaiser is teaching COMS W4156 Advanced Software Engineering in Fall 2018. 4156 is a Systems distribution course for all CS doctoral students and a Systems breadth course for all CS MS students. 4156 is required for the CS MS Computer Security and Software Systems tracks, and a technical elective for all other CS/CE MS tracks and for CS/CE undergraduate tracks. Prerequisite: COMS W3157 Advanced Programming or equivalent. The course covers the software lifecycle using frameworks, libraries and services. Major emphasis on software testing. Centers on a team project.

Prof. Kaiser will teach COMS E6156 Topics in Software Engineering in Spring 2019. 6156 is not "more" 4156, and not "more advanced" 4156. 4156 is about doing software engineering, and 6156 is about studying and improving software engineering. 6156 is essentially a research seminar, although most students who take it do not have any plans for PhD. Instead they aspire to be "technology leaders" in industry, introducing the latest greatest new tech to their team. As a "Topics In" course, 6156 can the same semester have multiple sections with different topics taught by different people. For example, Prof. Ferguson teaches some specific latest greatest new tech when he teaches a 6156 section. In the past, when I've taught it, I've let students choose their own topics (within constraints, e.g., I have to consider it “software engineering”). I have not yet decided for spring, this time I might focus on some specific topic. Taking suggestions .... Also seeking a TA who will take the course concurrently (or has already taken).





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