Your Project can focus on creating emotional speech technologies (text-to-speech or emotion recognition) or designing and conducting experiments on the perception of production of emotional speech.  Some example projects from previous years:

Available corpora (these are available on line in /proj/speech/corpora -- to use them you will need a CS department account):

Your Project Proposal should explain what you propose to do, why it is scientifically interesting, what previous work has been done in the area, what you will accomplish by the end of the project, and how you will accomplish this.  You should also note any obstacles to your plans.   (At this stage we will mainly be interested in determining how feasible your project is and how much you have thought about it.  Your Project Report should address all of these issues in detail, as well as providing evidence of results and code, where applicable.)  You should view this as a draft of a contract with Prof. Hirschberg, who will discuss your project with you on the basis of this proposal.  You should submit this proposal in the form of a linked page from a project web page.  Include relevant bibliography (with links if online) and information about and links to any resources you will use.  Submit the web page in Courseworks in a text file.