Weekly Posts


Each week there will be reading assignments posted on the course website.

The readings will be from the Jurafsky & Martin textbook or from conference and journal articles related to the weekly course topic. Readings are required unless marked as optional.


For each required reading, students should post on courseworks:


One positive and one negative aspect about the reading


Two questions about the reading.


The deadline for the post on courseworks is Thursday at 11:59am each week.


Posts will be graded with the following scale:


3 fulfills all requirements and shows critical thinking

2 fulfills all requirements

1 missing some requirements (e.g. did not post for all readings)

0 not submitted


The submission link will remain open until Friday at 10am.  

Submissions received after 11:59am on Thursday but before 10am on Friday (late posts) will lose one point.  Submissions will not be accepted after the late period and will receive a grade of zero.