CS4706 - Spring 2011
EX2 - "Intonational Variation"


I.  Record yourself saying "Minnie Maloney made her mother many millions." using the following ToBI contours:

    a. H* L- L% (declarative)

    b. H* L- H% (continuation rise)

    c. L* H- H% (yes-no question contour)

    d. H* H- H% (high-rise question contour)

    e. H* !H* L- L% (downstepped contour)

    f. L*+H L- H% (fall-rise contour)


    For each recording, create a Praat TextGrid file with the following tiers:  tones (including HiF0), breaks, orthography (words), and miscellaneous (to use for any comments).  Fill in each tier with the appropriate labels. 

Note:  If you have trouble producing a contour you can manipulate the pitch contour in Praat. 

II.   Answer the following questions in a short (1p. maximum) README.txt.

  1. What did you find hardest to label?  Easiest?. 

  2. What additional information might be included in the ToBI labeling scheme and why?  What purpose do you think it might serve?


Submission instructions for Midterm take-home: