CS4706 - Spring 2006
Homework 4 - "Perception Study"

Due: Monday, April 24, 2006, by 2:40pm.

In this homework, you will evaluate the TTS systems built for HW3. To do this, you will complete an online survey. For each TTS utterance, you will be asked to answer a set of questions.

The survey can be done online from any computer, but it has been tested only on Windows and Mac, using an updated version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla/Firefox. If you do not have that configuration on your computer, we strongly suggest that you do it on one of the Windows computers in the Speech Lab instead (in that case, please e-mail Agus first to make an appointment to use the Lab).

The survey takes around 90 minutes, and must be done in one sitting.


After finishing the survey, you have to submit an email to agus [at] cs.columbia.edu. In the last screen of the online survey, you will find the instructions for doing so.

Go to the online survey