Jiacheng Yang
PhD Student
Department of Computer Science
Columbia University

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I am a Ph.D student in Computer Science Department at Columbia University. I am a member of Database Research Lab, working with Prof. Kenneth Ross. My research interests include database systems, main-memory databases, and the 'Big Data'. Prior coming to Columbia, I received my bachelor degree from Zhejiang University in 2012.


  • Kai Zeng, Jiacheng Yang, Haixun Wang, Bin Shao, Zhongyuan Wang. A Distributed Graph Engine for Web-scale RDF data. PVLDB 2013 (to appear)

  • Yunjun Gao, Jiacheng Yang, Gang Chen, Baihua Zheng, Chun Chen. On Efficient Obstructed Reverse Nearest Neighbor Query Processing. GIS 2011


  • Hekaton: main-memory database

    Hekaton is a main-memory OLTP query engine built in Microsoft SQL Server 2014. I built a prototype on Hekaton to support non-volatile memory (NVM) during my internship at Microsoft Research in 2013 summer.

  • Query processing on NUMA machines

    Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) systems have emerged in recent years. Database query processing on these new systems have to be aware of the underlying hardware architecture. We are designing an innovative query execution engine for NUMA machines.

  • Managing RDF data in graphs

    We model RDF data in its native form: the graph. RDF graphs are stored in a distributed in-memory graph engine, Trinity. We propose algorithms for SPARQL query processing and query optimization on such RDF graphs. This work is done during my internship at MSRA.

  • PhenoMining

    In 2011 summer, I am fortunate to work with Prof. Wesley Chu in CoBase Group UCLA to work on an advanced text mining tool for neuroscience research. I designed and implemented the PathMining tool which is used to extract relations between multi-level medical concepts.

  • Spatial data indexing and querying

    I worked on several spatial data querying projects in my undergraduate research, e.g. variants of nearest neighbor and reverse nearest neighbor query processing in spatial databases.


I am a teaching assistant in the following courses:


CSB 451 Computer Science Building
Columbia University
New York, New York, 10027

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