Courses & Comprehensive Exams:

GPA:  3.8/4

Spring 2005

COMS-E6998 Advanced Program Analysis

Fall 2004

COMS-W4118 Operating Systems

Spring 2004

CSEE-W4861 Computer Aided Design of Digital Systems 
COMS-E9911 Doctoral Research

Fall 2003

CSOR-E4231 Analysis of Algorithms
COMS-W4824 Computer Architecture
COMS-W4205 Combinatorial Theory
COMS-E9911 Doctoral Research

Spring 2003

IEOR-E6610 Approximation Algorithms
COMS-W4203 Graph Theory
COMS-E6901 Project in Computer Science
COMS-W4115 Programming Languages and Translators

Fall 2002

COMS-W4995 Language for Embedded System
COMS-W4701 Artificial Intelligence
COMS-W4444 Programming & Problem Solving
COMS-E6901 Project in Computer Science