If you are interested in working with me and the folks at the Columbia Machine Learning Lab, please follow the following guidelines. Best wishes,
Tony Jebara

Please find out more about our work, our courses and programs through the web. That is much more efficient than emailing me questions and asking me to write a long explanation of what we do. Here are the websites to start browsing:

To apply to our graduate program use the online system here:
Indicate on the system that you are interested in working under my research group. I start evaluating Fall (Spring) applicants in February (November) and will consider your case as well as other students that are applying at that time. I then invite the top candidates for in-person interviews based on the number of openings I hope to fill in my lab. Please note that our graduate program is extremely competitive and my lab only admits 0 or 1 new PhDs per year. Also, we do not have discussions over email or telephone with applicants so please only use the applications website to strengthen your case. As I evaluate applicants, I typically rank them in terms of their previous accepted publications in top machine learning and computer vision conferences as well as recommendation letters from recognized colleagues in the field. Publication venues that are of interest to my research include conferences and journals like ICML, AISTATs, ECML, UAI, NIPS, COLT, FOCS, STOC, SODA, ICCV, CVPR, KDD, ALT, ISIT, PAMI, JMLR, and MLJ. Publishing strong papers is the main purpose of graduate school so a previous record of such publications is the main criterion I have when I review admissions. I also insist that students are very strong in mathematics and well versed in programming. Please do not ask me for help in getting admitted to our graduate program or help in enhancing your application. We evaluate applicants who apply via the website, we do not have the resources to coach applicants, it would be unfair to do so, and that is the responsibility of your current school.
To see reliable university rankings, click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_Ranking_of_World_Universities

I only accept undergraduate students for summer research positions if they are Columbia undergraduate students who have taken a course with me. I do not accept foreign undergraduate students for internships. Do not email me requesting an undergraduate internship if you have not taken my introductory course Machine Learning COMS 4771.

If you need a letter of recommendation from me for graduate school applications, you must first take 4771 and 6772 and obtain A or A+ in both. Do not ask me for a letter more than 2 years after having taken a course with me since I will not remember your projects and your work well enough to write. I'm always happy to write a letter for you for graduate school if you have worked on and published a paper with me. If you need a letter of recommendation for job applications or fellowships, we must have worked on and published a paper together.

I do not accept visiting scholars at my laboratory unless I know them and their work well. Also, Columbia University charges me a substantial fee for hosting a visiting scholar on campus. Therefore, such an arrangement requires both a time commitment and financial commitment from me which I do not take lightly.