Janak J Parekh
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Personal? You mean a personal life? Hah... such things don't exist anymore. :-) I'll try and pretend...


This will perhaps be the only homepage you'll ever see where "professional" work fits under a "personal" page.

Apart from my academic work, which you can access via the links above, I've been an IT consultant for many years, specializing in the building and management of small-to-medium networks of various shapes. I have extensive knowledge and experience with modern PCs running Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX. I am no longer actively seeking work in this field, however; if you're desperate, you can email me (see below), but be forewarned, I don't come cheap. :-)

In a previous life, I was also attempting to cash in on the dot-com boom, although I never really intersected with New York City's Silicon Alley per se. In any case, I was a co-founder of a startup called Altiverse Systems, from about December, 1998 through its demise in June, 2000. Later that year, I became a network developer for a HydraWEB Technologies, only to see its demise in May, 2001, 6 blocks south of the WTC and 4 months before its demise. Taking the hint, I decided to return to academia. Take a course of mine if you want to hear me rant about the details of either adventure. ;-)

Resume: You can view either a professional or an academic version. (PDF) Note both are about 6 months out-of-date, and I am not actively looking for jobs at this time.


My main hobby nowadays is handheld, mobile, and wireless computing. I'm a contributing editor to Pocket PC Thoughts, an e-zine/blog dedicated to Pocket PCs (which are incredibly convenient devices that are a cross between PDAs and handheld computers).

In a more "human" activity, I'm an avid listener of classical music. Part of that interest stems from the fact I played piano for about 10 years and sang in high school for 3 years. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to pursue either hobby, but I still attend concerts when I have a chance (and when one of my few classical-listening friends actually has time to come).

I strongly prefer being reached . For snail mail, phone, or IM contact information, please email me. For secure communications, my GPG key is available here.