Syllabus Operating Systems

Slides and other materials are kept in CourseWorks (under "Syllabus").

Session Date Topics
1Tu, Jan 16 Course mechanics and introduction to operating systems
2Th, Jan 18 Operating systems overview and history
3Tu, Jan 23 Computer organization, interrupts, system calls, protection
4Th, Jan 25 Processes
5Tu, Jan 30 Processes & cooperation, IPC
6Th, Feb 1 VMWare & Linux Kernel tutorial
7Tu, Feb 6
8Th, Feb 8
9Tu, Feb 13 CPU scheduling
10Th, Feb 15 CPU scheduling
11Tu, Feb 20 Synchronization & deadlocks
12Th, Feb 22 Synchronization & deadlocks
13Tu, Feb 27 Memory management
14Th, Mar 1 Memory management
15Tu, Mar 6 Virtual memory
16Th, Mar 8 Virtual memory
17Tu, Mar 20 Midterm review
18Th, Mar 22 Midterm exam
19Tu, Mar 27 File systems
20Th, Mar 29 File system implementation
21Tu, Apr 3 Mass storage
22Th, Apr 5 I/O systems
23Tu, Apr 10 Protection
24Th, Apr 12 Security
25Tu, Apr 17 Distributed systems
26Th, Apr 19 Distributed file systems
27Tu, Apr 24 Real-time systems
28Th, Apr 26 Trends in OS research and development
Th, May 10 Final exam 9 am - 12 noon